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Xerox is the global leader in document management, offering the widest range of technology, consulting services and solutions in the industry. From the smallest laser printer to the largest production colour printing system you can be assured of Xerox technology.

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Large Enterprises

Know what it costs to create, produce and manage all your company's documents? Know how to cut that cost by up to 25%? There's a new way to look at things. In a recent pan-European survey* 35% of organisations stated that cost control was one of their top three business challenges. Yet, 90% of organisations were unable to estimate the cost of maintaining and producing their documents. [/one_half] [one_half] Over 80% of executives claim documents are crucial to the success of their organisation and 70% believe that poor document processes affect their organisation's agility. Let Xerox, the leaders in the document outsourcing marketplace, establish the baseline cost of document spend in your organisation, control it and then deliver real bottom line savings, of up to 25% read more...


Benefits of renting office equipment

It is obvious that the use of a piece of equipment is far more important to the production of income than a piece of paper conveying title to the equipment. So why spend valuable capital on equipment that can be rented with affordable monthly payments?   Read more...

Further benefits include:

  • Capital can be reinvested into core business to generate revenue instead being tied up in depreciating assets.
  • There is no longer a need to maintain an asset register of depreciation schedule.
  • Equipment life is no longer determined by depreciation periods.


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